Sr. Sec. School Affiliated to CBSE 2016-2021
FEE STRUCTURE : 2019 – 20

Consequent upon the decision taken by the School Managing Committee, the fee for the session 2019-2020 is being increased @ 5% on Tuition Fee & Transport Fee. The Fee Structure for the session 2019-20 is appended below:

     i. Prospectus and Registration Fee (at the time of admission): Rs. 25/-
     ii. Admission Fee: Nil
     iii. Examination Fee: Nil
     iv.  Composite Annual Fee (Monthly):
Fee Slabs Nursery-KG          I-V        VI-VIII       IX-X XI-XII
Humanities Stream)
(Science Stream)
Tuition Fee             6,030/- 5705/- 6,030/- 6,200/- 6,200/- 6,200/-
Annual Fee 940/-
970/- 1,010/- 1,040/- 1,040/- 1,040/-
Science Fee ---
--- --- --- --- 410/-
Development Fee 440/- 415/- 440/- 450/- 450/- 450/-
Composite Annual Fee 7,410/- 7,090/- 7,480/- 7,690/- 7,690/- 8,100/-

     i. Transport Fee(Monthly):
FEE SLABS     0-2 k.m.     2-4 k.m.      4-8 k.m.    8-12 k.m.     12-16 k.m.
    Transport Fee 920/- 1,260/- 1,590/- 1,920/- 2,250/-

ii. Boarding : Nil
iii. Mess or Dining: Nil
iv. Excursion: Nil
v. Any other similar activity: Nil

Security Money: Rs. 2,500/-
(one time only for new admissions)

  1. Payment of fee is to be made by Cash or through Cheque/ Draft/NEFT/ RTGS in favour of "SALWAN PUBLIC SCHOOL”. In case the payment is made through NEFT/RTGS the School Account No. is-88942200013524 and IFSC Code is: SYNB0008894. However in such case the parent is required to note the Transaction No. and forward the same in the below mentioned format:
    Name of the student:
    Admission No:
    Parent Name & Mobile No.:
    Transaction Details:
    a. Reference No & Date:
    b. Bank Details:

    The above details to be forwarded to the school account office with in 24 hours/one working day (e-mail Id is

  2. The fee should be paid quarterly i.e by 15th of the first month of the quarter - April, July, October & January.
  3. If the last day of the month of any quarter falls on a Sunday or any gazette holiday, fee can be paid on the next working day without the late fee fine.
  4. The cheques deposited but getting dishonoured shall constitute late payment of fee and shall be subject to late fee fine besides recovery of cheques dishonor charges levied by bank.
  5. Late fee fine for delay upto 15 days from due date is Rs.250/-& beyond 15 days but up to 30 days is Rs.500/- from due date respectively.
  6. In case of non- payment of fee, together with the fine due, by the last working day of the month in which it is due, the name of the student shall be struck off the rolls. He /She may be readmitted on payment of all school dues including fresh admission fee.
  7. All fee, except transport fee shall be charged for a full period of twelve months as prescribed under Rule.
  8. All fee heads other than Transport Fee are charged for 12 months, as prescribed under Rule.
  9. Transport charges are to be paid quarterly along with the school fee and shall be charged for a period of 11 months, In case, any student wish to withdraw transport facility, a written intimation must be submitted to the accounts office one month prior, leaving the transport or one month fee in lieu.
  10. Fee may be deposited in A/C office between 8:30 am-3:00 pm on all working days.

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